The 'EA Hotel'

Inspired by the Chelsea Hotel, Greg Colbourn acquired The Athena Hotel in 2018 to support EA individuals and new effective altruist non-profits in their learning and research.

Our Mission

We welcome grantees from around the globe who are driven to make a better world. We provide them with catered accommodation so they can focus full-time on EA work without financial pressure or distraction. 

Our highly cost-effective model enables us to support individuals who are earlier in their impact journey - those who show potential for excellence but are new to their cause area or field.

Types of work we support

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EAs seeking to upskill (e.g. in machine learning) or focus on their studies - within academia or self-directed.

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Those needing stability and slack to pursue deep work.
Many alignment researchers have found CEEALAR indispensable over the years as they've explored the problem space of AI.

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People trying to launch new EA orgs and projects have found CEEALAR an excellent place to get their work off the ground and meet potential collaborators.

Friendship Is Optimal

Through our alumni network we're cultivating an international and multidisciplinary community empowered to engage with the most important issues facing humanity.

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Where to find us

We're a 20 minute walk from Blackpool North (train station), and a stone's throw from the sea.