Staying at CEEALAR


You can apply to stay at CEEALAR for up to 90 days as either a Grantee or a Patron.

Our grantees and patrons can apply for extensions to their stay (of up to 90 days), for a maximum of 12 months. [read more]




Who we're looking for

Potential grantees:

We don't require specific experience or qualifications.

If in doubt, apply!

Events Venue

CEEALAR now has the capacity to provide venue, accommodation and catering for events of up to 20 people. [Please contact us for more information.]


Check-In Times

Our managers need their beauty sleep, please arrange to arrive at the hotel after 9am and before 6pm.

Visiting a Resident

There is a £10/night fee for guests staying with residents.
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Extending my stay...

[Click here] to read our extension policy.

[Click here] to apply for an extension.

What do I need to bring?

What's the food like?


How far are you from...

London / Oxford / Cambridge: ~3 hours by train one way.