Our Team

Our trustees

Greg, Founder

Greg Colbourn has been involved in EA since the early days of the movement, signing the Giving What We Can pledge in 2010.

Dušan, Trustee

Dušan D. Nešić is a professor of Finance and Economics at Emlyon Business School and a consultant in the fields of Communication, Operations, and Education. He is a systems thinker with a passion for making the world a better place. In the past, he has volunteered with AIESEC, and he is the President of the Rotary Club Belgrade-Dedinje Belgrade. He has founded EA Serbia and SpEAk and coaches EA Organizations on how to communicate their knowledge efficiently.


Kyle Smith is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at Mississippi State University. He has a PhD in Accounting from the University of Alabama and his research focuses on nonprofit accounting. He mostly studies private foundations and how donors use accounting reports, and he is working on ways to integrate EA ideas around effective giving into his research.

Our advisors


Laura Green co-founded EA France and ran the organisation as executive director. 


Kat Woods is the founder of the Nonlinear Fund, a longtermist meta charity. Before that Kat co-founded multiple high impact charities, including Charity Entrepreneurship and Charity Science Health 


Sanjay Joshi has a background in finance. He currently focuses on impact investing, and oversees SoGive, a think tank researching ways to do good. He was one of the first trustees of (and helped found) Effective Altruism UK.


Florent Berthet co-founded EA France, founded and directed an alternative school in Lyon, taught entrepreneurship to engineering students for 3 years, and has been involved in various EA initiatives.


Sasha Cooper been involved with the EA movement in various capacities since its inception, and currently works as a software developer for Founders Pledge.

Our managers


David Staley - autodidact, endlessly curious and passionate about (too) many things, has spent over a decade trying to piece together a functional understanding of the global systems that are shaping our future. Now focused on the very local systems and dynamics that shape and support communities like CEEALAR.


Pietro Rizzo likes being alive, choosing meaningful words, caring for sentient beings, and improving CEEALAR. When not busy with the latter, he works on developing a blueprint for the functional local community he wishes he could live in, and sometimes plays researcher with the good folks at the BMRC Lab.