Application Process

Applications are assessed by our advisors & vetted by the CEA community health team

We'll respond within 14 days (7 days for stays under 30 days)

Grantees can apply to extend their stay

Who we're looking for

Potential grantees:

We don't require specific experience or qualifications.

If in doubt, apply!


Visiting a Grantee

There is a £10/night fee for guests staying with grantees.
Please click here to book your visit.

Staying as a Guest

For those wishing to stay as guests, rather than as grantees (i.e. not pursuing activities that fall under our Charitable Objects) you will be required to pay at least market rate - currently £30/night - for your stay.

How long can I stay?

You can apply for an initial stay for up to 90 days.

Grantees wishing to stay longer can request an extension to their stay of up to 90 days, and can do this up to 3 times. The maximum stay length is soft-capped at 270 days.

Charitable Objects

1. To advance education, learning and research in all fields of academic study through the provision of free or subsidised living accommodation to those undertaking such learning and research.

2. To promote the efficiency and effectiveness of charities and the efficient use of charitable resources for the public benefit by promoting the study of efficient use of charitable resources.

3. To advance such other purposes which are exclusively charitable according to the law in England and Wales as the trustees may from time to time determine.